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Are you on Fire?

I often listen to music when I’m working in my office writing, creating resources for clients, etc. Recently, I have been listening to a CD from my youth over and over again, and I noticed that there was a line in one of the songs that kept resonating with me… ”Are you on fire?”

So I started thinking about the things that bring out my fire: connecting with others, a really great coaching call, creating speaker notes on topics that resonate for me and that I feel will resonate for others as well, accomplishing the goals I set for myself both personally and professionally…and how important it is to nourish those things. Often in the “busyness” of everyday life we forget about the things that feed our spirit in favor of our routines, our to-do lists, and the mundane day-to-day necessities of “adulting.” What we don’t realize is that regardless of how busy our days may seem, it is essential that we find time to tend our fire. Because we know that left untended, fires have a tendency to die out…or at least lose their flame to a large degree.

So this weekend and in the week ahead, I challenge you to think about the things that give you fire. Do they fit into your week? If not, what can you do to change that? Even if you only have the smallest amount of time, where can you add in a few minutes here or there to support that which feeds your spirit? Then, at the end of the week, take some time to think about how tending to the things that give you fire has impacted your ability to navigate the more mundane parts of your week. Have they become more manageable? Have you discovered parts of your daily routine that can be shifted or perhaps even omitted to make room for more of what feeds your spirit? How do you feel as you’ve added more fire to your daily or weekly routine?

How are you tending to your fire?

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