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Higher Good Coaching was born out of a desire to live a more authentic, purposeful life and to help others to do the same.  It was while working in a training and coaching capacity in an educational setting that Becky realized that, while she enjoyed the work she was doing, she could have an even greater impact by working with individuals and teams outside of the field of academia.  With that goal in mind, she enrolled in Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs, in order to further hone her knowledge and skills in the area of coaching in order to better serve others.  

Here at Higher Good Coaching, our personal and professional motto is "Love Self, Serve Others" as we recognize the importance of living a life of service but know that must be anchored in self-care in order to be most productive.  We see our mission as partnering with our clients in order to facilitate growth and encourage personal and professional exploration.  We recognize that each person comes to us with a unique background, perspective, and set of values, which is part of what makes the coaching experience so worthwhile for all involved.  We look forward to hearing your story and learning more about how we can partner with you to help you to live your ideal life. 

Rebecca (Becky) Upchurch - Founder

Rebecca (Becky) Upchurch created Higher Good Coaching as a vehicle for pursuing her dream of helping women aspire to their best selves. Prior to starting her own coaching business, she worked in the field of academia as both an educator and a coach, in the customer service industry, and as a manager. 


Becky always knew that she wanted to help others and have an impact on the world.  It was when she discovered coaching that she began to understand her greater purpose.  Her passion as a coach is to help her clients achieve their goals, explore their potential, and live the lives they truly want for themselves.  She believes this can best be achieved by discovering, understanding, and listening to the inner voice that can help guide you to your highest good, for both yourself and others.

Becky has completed extensive coursework at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of subject areas.  She is a graduate of the Core Essentials Program at Coach U and has also completed almost 50 hours of Cognitive Coaching training.

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