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Breaking Barriers That Keep You Stuck

A couple weeks ago, I posted a video where I talked about a “aha” moment I had recently had: the fact that the biggest thing blocking my progress toward what I wanted was…ME! Today I’d like to share some thoughts with you around two of the common barriers I see that keep people from achieving (or maybe even pursuing) their goals and some ideas for how to address them!

Block #1: YOURSELF

If you are someone who often “gets in your own way,” I know EXACTLY how you feel. It can be easy to fall into a state of inaction for a variety of reasons, whether it be fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence, or some other hidden block that we may not even be aware of.

One thing I’ve started doing that I find helpful in this situation is what I like to think of as getting real with myself. Each morning, I set aside time to journal my thoughts in a few areas. While I’ve been doing this practice for a while, I recently added a section at the end for getting real with myself, and it always starts with “Becky, …” Because I KNOW that I can be the #1 barrier to my own success, so I need to address it directly and in a timely fashion.

So I might say “Becky, I know you’ve had a lot going on, but mindlessly watching TV for hours is not really self-care. You need to be doing things that help you meet your goals, not doing nothing. If you feel tired or worn out, do something that will help energize you, then get back to work!”

Block #2: Limiting Your Options

Often when we are feeling stuck or lost, we are only able to see the path in front of us when what we REALLY need to do is expand our perspective.

I was one a call with a woman who was very passionate about what she enjoyed most…so much so that she thought she might want to turn it into an opportunity to launch herself as an entrepreneur. The “problem” was that she actually had TWO things that she really enjoyed doing and could see turning into a business. And I say “problem” because she was struggling to choose which one of her equally great ideas she wanted to go all-in on.

Over the course of the call, we were able to explore both areas and flesh things out a bit…and then we had a breakthrough. Through the process of coaching, she started to see that she had OPTIONS. She had been looking at things from a “one or the other” and an “all or nothing” perspective…but by the end of our call she realized a few REALLY important things, the lessons of which I’d like to share with you:

1. Most things are not an either/or proposition. There’s usually a third (and many more beyond that!) way of approaching a situation, challenge, etc…often one that combines multiple options into one!

2. We sometimes avoid certain options due to fear of committing to them. The thing is, just because you consider (or even pursue) an option doesn’t mean you’re married to it…unless it’s a spouse! You can ALWAYS change your mind and try something else.

3. Choosing one things doesn’t mean abandoning all others. Yes, you want to avoid trying to do 7 million things at once and doing nothing well as a result. But just because you try to turn one of your hobbies into a business doesn’t mean you can’t keep others for fun. Just because you commit to a certain regular exercise class doesn’t mean you can’t try others. Balance is important…and it helps keep you open to possible opportunities and options for the future.

So now you have a few ideas for how to clear up two of the most common blocks that prevent people from moving forward. If you’d like to dig a bit deeper on these or other things that are blocking you, let’s connect! Email to set up a time to chat.

Sometimes getting unstuck has a lot to do with how we choose to see things!

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