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Self-Care for Goal Success

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the words self-care?

For many, it’s things like eating well, moving your body, and getting adequate sleep. For others, it’s getting a massage, scheduling a vacation, or spending time with friends.

The thing is, these are just PART of the self-care equation! TRUE self-care is about much more…yet it isn’t as complicated or difficult to do as many of us think, nor is it a luxury. In fact, I’d argue that supportive self-care is an essential element of achieving success.

So what does true self-care that supports our efforts to achieve our goals entail?

  • Taking care of your physical health. Without good health, everything else in life becomes more challenging.

  • Taking care of our mental & emotional health. So much of our experience of the world happens in our own minds; this is why nurturing our thinking (and therefore the emotions it creates) is critical.

  • Taking care of our community needs. Humans are designed to live in a community with others. Doing so in ways that honor our needs is a skill that will serve us well.

Want to shift YOUR approach to self-care? Reach out and let’s chat

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