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Change Worth Making Deserves Sustaining

You want to know the funny but true secret to maintaining momentum? Keep going! Yep, it really is THAT simple. In fact, it’s scientifically proven, isn’t it? An object in motion STAYS in motion…but one that is stopped requires force/energy to get going again. So think of this in the context of your own life. What is something that is in motion but that perhaps you worry will slow down or stop? What is something that you want to continue but fear won’t? The BEST way to make sure it continues? To make the conscious choice to keep it moving! But here’s the thing. Sometimes things get in the way, and we need a plan to keep going so that our growth continues and we are creating change that is sustainable long-term. So here are a few things that might get in your way and what to do about them:

You’re afraid that you’re going to lose momentum or that things will just “stop.”

Often our fear of things stopping comes from the fact that we don’t know if we can keep them going. We’re tired. We’re stressed. We’re overwhelmed. We feel like we just want to rest. So when those feelings come, it’s important to dig into them a bit. As a wise mentor once told me (more or less)….if it feels too hard, maybe there’s a reason! So take a second to reflect. Is it feeling difficult because I’m forcing it? Is it feeling exhausting because it’s taking up all of my mental energy? Am I overwhelmed because I’m trying to do everything and do it by myself? These are important questions to ask, as they help to illuminate the ways in which we may need to pivot in order to continue to make progress toward what we want. And in some cases, the key to keeping something in motion in a sustainable way is to SLOW IT DOWN. And guess what? That’s okay!!! Because as long as you keep moving toward what you want, how fast or slow you go may vary…but it may also be the very thing that keeps you from stopping!

You’re seeing changes you want and are happy and excited…but you also feel super UNCOMFORTABLE.

Have YOU experienced this? Like, you know that you want this change to happen, and you’re excited about it…but something just feels “off”? Well guess what? That’s TOTALLY NORMAL! You see, we are wired for comfort, not change. So even when really good stuff happens, if it’s not what we’re used to, it can lead to feeling of discomfort. Weird, right? But it totally happens, and it’s totally manageable! The key is…don’t let the discomfort sabotage your efforts! So how do you stop that from happening? By being MINDFUL of the discomfort, ACCEPTING that it is a normal part of change, KNOWING that it is only temporary as you adjust to your “new normal,” and PERSEVERING through it until it becomes comfortable. By making peace with the discomfort, you can make sure that the changes you are making are going to be ongoing and sustainable over the long-term.

You aren’t addressing the barriers that can keep you stuck in your bad habits and old ways.

I’d like to share a quick success story with you. A client came to me wanting to make some shifts in her life, one of which was taking control of her health and wellness. While she knew WHAT to do to get healthy, lose weight, etc., she wasn’t actually see the momentum and progress she wanted. As we dug into her situation a bit, we discovered that there were several barriers to her success that she hadn’t been planning for, including an unsupportive loved one and her own self-defeating attitude. Once we were able to find out what her barriers were, we were then able to generate a plan for addressing them. In a very short period of time, she was able to see success in areas where she wasn’t seeing it before. And even more impactful for her was the realization that OTHER people were recognizing a shift in her as well, which provided an extra dose of validation for her efforts. So why am I telling you this? Because I want you to understand that if you want to achieve positive change that is sustainable, you have to dig deeper than just “what actions do I take?" Because yes, action is important….but often, knowing the right action to take is simply not enough. You need commitment, self-awareness, an understanding of your resources and barriers, and accountability to keep you on track throughout your journey. And while these things won’t just magically appear without effort…they WILL come to you with surprising ease once you commit to discovering them and have the right support structures in place to do so!

So if you’re worried that your journey may lose momentum, may not be sustainable over time, or may have barriers you aren’t prepared for, take the time to dig into these issues, identify which ones are at play, and take steps to mitigate them. In doing so, you not only help to make success happen; you help ensure that the successes you experience will last.

Success is often only ONE part of the picture!

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