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Changing & Growing From a Positive Place

There’s something I’ve been noticing lately about self-improvement. FAR too many people, women especially, seem to be motivated to create change by the fact that they are unhappy with who they are. They think they are too much of this, not enough of that, or perhaps even a mess that needs to be cleaned up or a problem in need of fixing!

The thing is, I don’t think that positive things grow from that kind of negativity! And if you’re changing because you hate who you are? I can’t imagine the process is going to feel very good!

So what can you do instead?

Start celebrating the GOOD THINGS you see about yourself…then decide how to grow them.

Take a look at your areas of growth…and instead of judging yourself for them, get CURIOUS about what small shifts might yield big results.

Stop crapping all over yourself. Whether it’s comparing yourself to others and seeing lack, trying to live up to an impossible standard, or allowing a negative narrative to dominate, your perspective matters. Feed your brain good fuel if you want to cultivate good things!

Ask for or seek out the support you need. Call a friend when you’re struggling. Spend time with those who lift you up and see your greatness. Find an accountability buddy. Seek the help of a professional when needed. Don’t think you need to go it alone.

The BEST way to achieve the things you want in life is through loving yourself. Need help figuring out how? Send me a message, and let’s chat!

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