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Creating a Space for Work

The nature of owning a coaching business makes it possible to work from home, which sounds amazing. That said, there are things that go along with owning a home-based business that you don’t always think of! When I first formed my LLC, I was excited to get started and immediately started making to-do lists. Unfortunately, although I knew I wanted to recreate an office space similar to the one I established years ago but later converted into a guest room, I hadn’t quite gotten there yet. That was a mistake.

Very quickly I realized just how important it was to have a designated and dedicated space for conducting business in my home. Without it, the lines between my home and work life seemed to feel continuously blurred; I found myself working in my relaxation spaces as well as relaxing when I needed to be working. It was a mess, and deep down, I knew that I wasn’t being productive in the way I needed to.

Finally, the stars aligned and I was able to get all of the logistics of furniture moving in place. The day I “completed” (as it’s always a bit of a work in progress as I add new touches) my office, I felt SUCH a sense of relief. Finally, I had a space in which to really focus on all of my business-related goals and tasks. Now, it is so easy to spend dedicated work time on task and separate my non-work time so that it can truly be enjoyed.

While I realize not everyone has a home office nor the space to create one, I do encourage you to carve out a personal space for yourself to work, create, or pursue whatever passions you need to feed. You just might find that it is exactly what you need to refocus your energy and create a sense of balance in your daily life!

The view from my desk (note my two "business partners")

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1 Comment

Jul 10, 2018

This is great Becky! I'm glad Rita suggested doing this. I like what you're doing and man, the personal space ... it is key. And I have feline supervisors. They do the same kind of work as your office mates:)

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