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Cultivating Confidence One Small Step at a Time

"Remember, confidence in yourself is built through acts of everyday courage." - Mel Robbins

We often think of confidence as something we either have or don't, as if it's something we're born with. And yes, I'm sure we've all met those people who seemingly were! But for most of us, confidence comes not through genetics but through the recognition of our accomplishments.

But here's the thing, accomplishments don't have to be the major, world-changing things we often think of. They can be the simple, everyday things that change OUR worlds for the better! For example, things like winning a prestigious award, earning a degree, or running a marathon are major accomplishments...but so are things like being on time to an appointment despite a hectic morning, asking for help when facing a challenge, or getting started on a passion project despite feelings of fear or self-doubt.

You see, the big achievements are great...but it's what we see as the small achievements that allow the big things to happen. You can't win the award if you don't show up to do the work. You can't earn a degree if you don't apply to a school. You can't run a marathon without first lacing up your sneakers and taking that first step.

I shared recently about how my fears around visibility led me to hesitation, inaction, and frustration with myself. And I'm not gonna lie to you; it was an uncomfortable, icky, and embarrassing place to be! The thing is, as a coach, I realize that WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE! We've all had moments (whether they be 5 minutes or 5 years!) where we've allowed fear to lead to hesitation. And all too often, that hesitation results in us not getting started on the path toward something we really want for ourselves and our lives.

I know many of you have had similar experiences where you have been overcome with fear, hesitation, and self-doubt. Hopefully this short video can help provide a bit of extra perspective:

The good news is...WE DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH THOSE CHALLENGES ALONE!!! If you are struggling with self-doubt, hesitation, or fear paralysis, maybe you just need a metaphorical kick in the butt to help you get moving! I'd love to chat with you to find out how I might be able to help! Email to request a FREE Clarity Call with me, and let's see if we can get you back on YOUR right path!

Taking the first step is what matters most!

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