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Feeling Stuck? Pivot!

I’m a firm believer that, with very few exceptions, there really aren’t any “wrong” choices. As I’ve mentioned before, even the idea of doing the right or wrong thing is something I’m not sure I believe what might be “right” for one person might be “wrong” for another. Given that, I think it’s about doing the thing that RESONATES with you. Because at the end of the day, how something resonates with you reflects how it aligns to your beliefs, values, and perspective…and THAT is ultimately what will determine whether or not in feels in alignment with who you are and, more importantly, who you WANT TO BE.

But what happens when a choice you make STOPS resonating with you? Maybe you get to a point where you’ve outgrown it. Or perhaps you discover that it wasn’t the best choice for you in the moment after all. Or maybe you decide that what you want is something entirely different and therefore requires totally different choices. For many of us, this is where we begin to feel “stuck,” as what we are doing and what we are working toward no longer feels like it’s in alignment. And a lot of time that feeling of “stuckness” leads us to think we don’t have options, that we are stranded on a path we don’t want, or that we’ve somehow ruined our chance at happiness. But the truth is, those feelings and assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth! So what do you DO when you find yourself in this position?


Now don’t get me wrong...I’m NOT encouraging you to just jump from whim to whim, as that’s unlikely to get you where you want to go. But if you find that the path you’ve invested in isn’t bringing you the results you want...or bringing you JOY...then perhaps it’s time to make a shift! There is NO reason that you have to stay stuck in a plan that isn’t working and that’s making you miserable when you can choose to pivot toward something that is calling to you to be explored.

Life is too short to be stuck or to feel mastering the art of the pivot is essential to shifting out of “stuck” and into a place where you can move forward.

Sometimes a sharp turn in your approach is exactly what's needed!

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