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Goal Setting!

I have a tool that I use for goal-setting that tracks the action I take toward my goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. And while I know that expecting it to be a perfect progression where every box is checked is unrealistic, I’m sometimes struck by how many blank spaces are left at the end of the month! I mean, if I want these things, shouldn’t I be DOING them? Well yes…and no.

See what I’ve learned is that sometimes we need to adjust our GOALS because they no longer light us up…but other times, the goals themselves are fine; it’s the way we’re trying to achieve them that’s messing us up time and again. This can come in different forms, but for me, the pivot I often need to make to be more successful in achieving my goals is to STOP trying to do everything because it usually results in my doing nothing! It sounds crazy, but it’s true…because I want to do ALL the things, I can sabotage myself before I even get started!

I’ve also learned that just because it’s something I want, working towards a goal may not always feel good. That’s why it can be hard to tell the difference between a goal that no longer resonates and one that is worth sticking with if we just use how much fun we are having during the process to decide. Because yes, there are ways to make chasing your goals fun…but there is also a natural discomfort that accompanies ANY kind of change, so it can be easy to confuse that with no longer “feeling” your goals.

So how do you tell the difference?

Here’s an easy way to get started:

Think about the goal and what accomplishing it will mean for you. Is that still important? If no, then it may be time to hit pause on that goal and re-assess your priorities to see what would be a better use of your time and energy! If yes…

Consider the path you have chosen toward achieving the goal. Does it feel right? Why or why not? If no, then it’s time to dig into where the problem is so you can fix it! If yes…

You’ve confirmed that you have the right goal and that your plan to achieve it is the right one FOR YOU. Now ask yourself: What can I do RIGHT NOW to make this more fun?

As you think about what has gone well for you so far in your 2021 goal journey and what your challenges have been, I encourage you to consider how you will use this knowledge to make changes as you move forward. What thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will you continue? What do you need to let go of?

Not sure? Let’s connect and see how I might be able to help!

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