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Gratitude for Support System

Gratitude practices are an important part of my regular routine. That said, after being told that there is research around how a daily gratitude list is actually LESS effective than exploring gratitude more sporadically, I have started to change things up a bit every now and then! And while I think it’s important to focus on gratitude every week of the year, I think Thanksgiving week presents a special opportunity to focus on the things for which we are most grateful.

Gratitude comes in many forms. This week I encourage you to focus on WHO you are grateful for. This can be your family, friends, and other loved ones. It can be the mentors, colleagues, employees, and service personnel who help make our lives easier. It can be all those who have inspired us and whose influences have made you who you are. So today as you think about those you are most grateful for, who comes to mind?

I’m curious…did YOU make your list?

Because really, a discussion around thankfulness wouldn’t be complete without giving ourselves a bit of acknowledgment! So I want you to think about these questions: Who are the people who are thankful FOR YOU? What is it about you that they are grateful for? What qualities do you possess that make other people’s lives better? Don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself today and all the ways that others are thankful for having you in their lives.

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