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Remembering the Truth of Who You Are

Often on the path to success we can find ourselves blocked in some way. While these blocks can sometimes be external (like waiting on something from another person, going through a licensing or permitting process for a business venture, etc.), more often than not, our BIGGEST blocks are those things INSIDE us that get in the way. Things like fear of failure, insecurity, uncertainty about our abilities, and memories of past failures can result in blocks that keep us from moving forward toward what we truly want for ourselves and our lives.

Like everyone else, I’ve experienced these types of blocks, so I know firsthand how they can derail us from what we want to accomplish. In fact, several months ago I faced a pretty big block that, while I’ve worked to make peace with it is still something that creeps into my field of awareness pretty regularly.

You see, as a newer business owner, I think it’s important to seek the wisdom of more experienced entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, when I found that their experiences and advice to design my coaching business in a certain way did not align with my view of what I do, I found myself SERIOUSLY blocked! When I think about my business, I think about partnering with my clients to illuminate THEIR wisdom to help them design and achieve what THEY want in order to live lives that resonate with THEM. Having been the recipient of this type of coaching, I KNOW firsthand how powerful it is, and that is what I want for the women I work with. But I kept having experiences where I felt like this work was seen as being less valuable that being a problem-solver or a go-to expert who will TELL my clients what to do rather than having them tap into what best aligns to THEIR intuition and THEIR beliefs. Needless to say, this disconnect between what I see as my purpose and my feelings about what my work was “supposed to” be threw me for a SERIOUS loop.

As a result, I ended up feeling seriously blocked about how to move forward. Did I do what I felt in my gut I was meant to and risk not having a successful business? Did I do what I felt would be more profitable and abandon what my instincts were telling me was my path? As someone who believes SUPER strongly in following one’s gut, this process of questioning myself blocked me in a way that was COMPLETELY unexpected and blocked me from moving forward in any direction.

Thankfully, I remembered that I have tools to deal with being blocked, one of which is to connect to my deepest self. In doing so, I saw pretty quickly that turning away from what resonated with me was really NOT an option, despite what others might think! I also reminded myself of two women I respect deeply who own VERY successful coaching businesses and do work that is aligned to my vision for my own life and business; in doing so, I helped to allay my own fears about the “worst case scenario” that were blocking me from thinking clearly and moving forward.

So if you have a vision for your life that is being blocked in some way, I encourage you to check in with yourself in order to tap into what you already KNOW to be true. Because that’s the key to getting yourself un-stuck and removing some of those blocks that are keeping you from the life you want: reconnecting to who you are, what you value, and what you know to be true about yourself.

And for those who are reading this and thinking “That sounds great…but HOW exactly do I do that?” Let’s set up a clarity call and see if I might be able to help get you started in the right direction! Email me at, and let’s connect.

Take the time to check in with yourself.

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