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Resources needed for success

Something that I think many people fail to do when planning for their goals is to consider their resources. Whether it’s exploring the resources we already have available or strategizing around how to get the ones we need, this is an important step that shouldn’t be taken for granted!

I was working with a client who was focused on improving her health, and part of her efforts involved a consistent fitness routine. During one of our sessions, she talked about wishing her partner shared similar interests, as she really felt she could benefit from having an accountability partner. As we dug a bit deeper into her already available resources, she discovered that she didn’t actually need her partner’s support in the way she thought because she ALREADY HAD someone who could serve in that capacity and who had successfully done so in the past. But you see, had we not taken the time to inventory her already available resources, she never would have noticed that!

When I first started my business, I had NO IDEA how to be a business owner. Still to this day I often joke that I’m a great coach but not a great CEO! Yet I have come a LONG way from where I started, and that is something I am proud of! So HOW did I do it?! Well, first I researched. I researched all of the steps to starting a business, the legal requirements involved, the paperwork required. I sent inquiries and asked questions. I took a systematic approach to getting all the logistics in place. Then for the day-to-day, I learned a lot at first by trial and error until I finally realized I needed to engage more deeply with others. I joined communities of other business owners. I worked with business strategists and coaches. I leveraged the expertise of others to help me in the areas where I lacked experience or expertise.

Because you see, we DON’T have to know it all before we can get started…but we DO need to have the willingness to learn!

Today I want you to consider these questions:

What is a resource you feel you are lacking right now but that feels important to have in order to meet a goal you have for yourself?

Is there an alternative resource or pathway that you can explore that might help get you to the same outcome?

Not sure? My inbox is always open!

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