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Setting Priorities

While it’s great to think that life will always run smoothly and that we will meet every goal we set for ourselves, I think most of us realize that sometimes life happens and this is not always possible. Sometimes, despite having set our goals and having created plans to honor them, things crop up that necessitate shifts in focus.

I recently experienced a situation where I found myself neglecting several areas of my life. While this wasn’t ideal, I knew it was necessary, as I needed to free up time to dedicate my focus in another area. While I lamented not doing it all, I found myself mostly at peace with the situation because the area I had “dropped everything” for was one that I knew was a top priority for me. Because of this clarity, I was able to make a decision that felt right in my gut.

But this has not always been the case. In fact, in the past I have made similar decisions that DIDN’T sit as well with me. In hindsight, I realize that the difference was that in those other situations, I lacked clarity around my priorities and therefore felt conflicted about where to place my time and energy when it was limited by circumstances that at least felt beyond my control.

By taking the time to explore what my top priorities are, I have created a sense of ease in multiple areas of my life. My personal and professional goals feel more aligned to my values. When I have to choose between multiple options, I am easily able to discern which one is the right one for me. I feel less guilt about not being able to “do it all.”

When we are clear on what our priorities are, we are better able to not only craft game plans to achieve our goals, but we are also better equipped to handle the unexpected things that life may bring while still managing to give attention to what is most important to us.

❓ So how can you go about establishing your priorities in a way that won’t feel overwhelming?

👉 Brainstorm a list of goals, things that are important to you, etc.

👉 Review the list and identify themes or categories that emerge.

👉 Group the items you have brainstormed based on the categories you’ve created.

👉 Tier the groups based on which feel most important or relevant to you.

By organizing your priorities, what possibilities are YOU opening up for yourself?

Getting clear on your priorities can help create space for the things that truly matter to you.

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