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Tackling Your Tolerations

Did you know that every time you choose to tolerate something that is not aligned to your ideal life, you are allowing it to take up mental energy that could be spent elsewhere? Whether they are major tolerations or items that hardly seem worth mentioning, they have the same type of impact: settling for something that is less than what you want.

In order to address the tolerations in your life, you must first identify them. Make a list, and be sure to include the big things (a job I don’t enjoy) as well as the small ones (a loose drawer handle). Then, decide what you want to do about them! Because even when we may think we are “stuck” in a particular circumstance or just have to “deal with” something that is bothering us, we often DO have at least SOME control over the situation. And even in those rare cases where much is out of our control, we ALWAYS have a choice in HOW we deal with situations, circumstances, and things we might be tolerating without really wanting to.

I encourage you to take some time today to think about something you are tolerating that you want to either address, eliminate in some way, or find a way to better manage. Where will you start? How might I help?

I’ve learned that by identifying, examining, and eliminating tolerations that were draining my energy, I have been able to embrace more energy-generating things into my life, which is amazing! Hopefully your explorations will be just as fruitful. I’d love to hear more about them!

Are there things adding stress to your days that shouldn't be? Perhaps it's time to clear up some of the things you're tolerating unnecessarily!

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