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The Simple Secret to Getting Motivated

Often we WANT to take action toward our goals and WANT to do what is needed to create the motivation to keep going, but we still feel blocked for some reason. In such cases, it can be helpful to seek out external resources to help get us going.

I had a client who had a number of things that had been stagnating on her to-do list. She knew she wanted to move them forward. She knew she had to take action. But she was seeking the motivation to get started. That's why she reached out to me about this topic.

We spent some time on the call breaking down what she needed to do into small, manageable pieces. From there, we explored what tasks she wanted to move forward, when they would happen, and how she would get started. Once she had a plan for moving forward and getting started, she was able to take some much-needed first steps toward her larger goals.

When we connected a couple weeks later, she was energized. She had taken action on some of her next steps and was glad to be moving forward. She had a plan for continuing to take the actions needed to get where she wanted to be. Perhaps the most exciting thing was that by taking action and getting started, she had started creating the motivation she needed to pursue what she wanted most.

So often we delay taking action on the things we want due to a lack of motivation. We think that if we could JUST find the motivation, we could take action. We say that IF ONLY we were motivated, we could achieve our goals. We ask ourselves, WHY can’t I get motivated?! But in focusing on our lack of motivation, we are missing the point completely!

In fact, what we really need to focus on is the fact that there is a way to CREATE MOTIVATION. In fact, it is something that is much easier than you’d think. Because motivation isn’t something we have to build from scratch or create from thin air. In fact, the only thing we have to do to create motivation is to take action on what we want!

That’s right! The key to becoming and staying motivated is to TAKE ACTION because motivation isn’t a separate entity that needs to be cultivated. It is actually the byproduct of taking action toward what we want!

So the next time you’re feeling “stuck” due to lack of motivation, think about what actions you can take to get started. What small first step can help propel you forward? Then TAKE THE ACTION. As you build momentum through taking small steps, you will notice how this momentum impacts your feelings of being motivated and your desire to keep going.

What is something YOU feel stuck on this week that you’d REALLY like to move forward? Are you suffering from a lack of motivation?

Are you struggling to stick to your goals?

Are you trying to create change in your life but feeling unsuccessful?

Did you set resolutions for the New Year that now feel unattainable?

I’d love to see how I might help you discover what you need to DO in order to move forward and accomplish all the things you want for yourself and your life. Send me an email at and let’s connect!

What ACTION do you need to take to get where you want to go?

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