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Want to Be More Successful? Let's Celebrate!

One of THE most important things you can do to foster growth in your life is to celebrate your victories, both large and small, as even the tiniest successes can help catapult you toward HUGE results. The thing is, I don’t think that just celebrating is enough…I think you need to celebrate in the most aligned ways possible in order to use even your celebrations as part of your path toward what you want.

So let’s look at an example. Let’s say I want to lose weight. Well first, I would also try to avoid attaching a number to my rather than saying my goal is to lose 10 pounds, I might make my goals about the actions that will help me get there, such as doing a certain amount of activity, eating healthy foods instead of sugary snacks, etc. So let’s say my goal is to exercise 5 days a week for 3 months. When I reach my goal, I want to reward myself in some way. But I will NOT wait until my goal is met to celebrate, as I know it is important to acknowledge progress along the path to success. So I would probably reward myself after 1 month of consistent exercise.

Because I have a sweet tooth, my instinct is to say I will reward myself with a cupcake. But I KNOW that is counter-productive to my eating goal, as some people can eat that one cupcake, but I am not yet one of them! So I would need to choose a non-food reward. So while there are a lot of great rewards out there, I might go a step further and ask myself, “what is something I’ve been wanting that feels like a treat but is related to my goals?” In my case, this might be the expensive new sports bra I was eyeing…or a fancy water bottle for the gym…or even a massage to work tight muscles I’ve been noticing during post-run stretches. See how those “splurge” items can feel like a reward but also directly connect to my goal of being more active?

Do you find it hard to think of ways to celebrate your successes that don’t detract from your progress or cost a lot of money? Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank AND might help energize you and propel you forward toward your goals:

At-Home Spa Day

Turn your bathroom into an at home spa using candles, scented oils, scented bath products, an eye mask, and fresh towels. Eliminate all distractions so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

An Outdoor Adventure

Connecting with nature can be a great way to celebrate being alive! Find a public park that isn’t too crowded, take a scenic drive someplace nearby, or even explore new walking paths in your own neighborhood. Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for boosting your mood AND can energize you.

Taking a Class

Whether it be a fitness class, something artistic, or something totally random, learning something new can be an exciting way to spend a few hours. A quick online search may yield quite a few cheap options nearby. Or, if you have creative or artistic friends, perhaps they might even be willing to teach you something new for free!

As for me, I had never been one to celebrate my successes until I discovered coaching, as I tend to focus on what I need to get done more so than what is already completed. And I DEFINITELY wasn’t one to celebrate or, quite frankly, even notice, the little victories I was experiencing regularly. But once I started working with a coach, I noticed that we would talk about my progress on things each week…and I started noticing how even small, subtle things were signs of progress. Over time, the more I looked for what had gone right, the more good things I found. And they weren’t just things that were positive and worth celebrating…they were things that were helping me to grow! They were things that showed me just what I was truly capable of. What an AMAZING feeling.

Now I keep a small journal on my desk next to my computer, which I call “Becky’s Book of Wins.” It is something I update periodically so I can be sure I am recognizing myself for the work that I’m doing…and this same spirit of celebration is now something I try to focus on in every session with my clients. Because we know there is always work to be done…but we must also recognize that there is progress to be celebrated….sometimes it just takes a person outside of ourselves to help us recognize it!

So far, 2019 has been a year of pretty significant wins and celebrations for me! I launched some changes to my business model, choosing to transition into female-focused coaching. I created The Women’s Growth Circle in order to foster community and support for women along their growth journeys. I embarked on an awesome opportunity to dig deep into some personal and professional growth work with the support of one of my favorite authors and coaches. (I hope to share more on that throughout the rest of the year!) And I’ve taken steps to streamline my business so that I’m creating the most user-friendly experience not just for my clients but for future clients and those wishing to connect with me. One of the ways I’m doing this is by making it easier to schedule time with me, either in a coaching session or via a complimentary Clarity Call. So if you’ve been meaning to connect with me on a call, here’s your chance! You can access my calendar and sign up for a time to chat here:

What can you record in YOUR book of wins?

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