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Ways to Increase Your Energy for Better Productivity

Many of us think we need more hours in the day to get everything done. The TRUTH is, we don’t need increased time, we need increased productivity!

Now before you think I’m telling you to hustle more, let me be clear…you are likely working WAY harder than you need to be. So the key is not working more or working harder…it’s figuring out the way to “work smarter” that works for you. And a BIG part of that? Making sure you have the ENERGY you need.

So what does this look like?

  • Avoid “energy vampires” (a term I didn’t coin but love given my enthusiasm for all things horror!), those people who suck the life out of you every time they come into your orbit.

  • Explore tiny tolerations, those small things (think broken drawer, pants that don’t quite fit, household clutter, a messy desk, etc.) that are silently (and often secretly) zapping your energy.

  • Nurture your health in ALL its facets. This can be getting adequate sleep and hydration to fuel your body, avoiding excess sugar and the energy crash that results, engaging in calming activities like breathing and prayer, taking the time to do things that light you up, or whatever else speaks to you.

Increasing our physical, mental, and emotional energy also increases our bandwidth for productivity. When we eliminate the things that zap our ability to show up, we create space and open doors to greater possibility.

Not sure how to address one of these things in YOUR life? Respond back and let me know!

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