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What Do You Want To Know?

Yesterday I posted a video about being stood up by a stranger, sitting in my car in a parking lot crying, and what I learned in the aftermath.

When I responded to my sister’s suggestion that I “not give him (the stander-upper) any more energy/attention,” with “Oh, I won’t…except I’ll be live streaming about this later,” her response was “Really?!?!” And I get it. To her, I probably sounded crazy. But then I explained that part of my work as a coach who wants to help people CHANGE THEIR LIVES means that I have to be willing to open mine up to others. Plus, I think that any time we can share examples of resilience and where it comes from with each other, the better off we all are!

So I shared my story and the things I’m taking away from it. It seemed to resonate with some. It may not have resonated with others. Either way, that’s okay. Because ultimately, we never know what might help support someone else in their growth, so all we can do is be ourselves and hope that in doing so we can touch lives in impactful and beneficial ways as we step into our most authentic identities.

But for me as a coach, I want to go deeper. Not only do I want to be authentically myself and share what speaks to me/feels like it needs to be shared with the world; I also want to learn from you about how I can best be of service in my work. As such, this blog is a little different from what you’re used to. Because today, I want to hear from YOU!

· What are the things YOU really want to explore on your journey to living your best, most authentic life?

· What do you want to know about ME, either in general or as a coach?

· What kind of growth resources are YOU interested in receiving?

· What questions do you have about Higher Good Coaching?

· What are the best ways for YOU to receive information and support (blog, video,

newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

Let me know how I can best serve YOUR needs by commenting below, private messaging me, or emailing me at

What questions do you have for me?

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