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What to Do When You Feel Depleted

So I think by now we are ALL familiar with the notion that change is hard. I mean, even positive changes like a new home, a promotion at work, or a new relationship require some shift in priorities, behaviors, etc. This is to be expected, and, where possible, I think many of us plan for it. If you buy a home, you anticipate packing and unpacking, organizing, shopping for items you may need, meeting the neighbors, etc. If you take on a more challenging role at work or add a new person into your life, you may anticipate having less “me time,” at least at first and plan accordingly. Sometimes these changes are easier to make than at others, but they are often manageable for a period of time, especially when the changes are going to result in positive outcomes.

But what about those times when change is harder? Maybe it’s a change we didn’t anticipate or don’t want, like the end of a relationship, loss of a job, or unexpected move. Sometimes we can “roll with it” with these changes too. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Sometimes change just feels hard…and heavy…and exhausting. And despite our best efforts, we find ourselves depleted. So what can we do in these moments of depletion to help us move forward and embrace the change process?

First, we can get real with ourselves. Look at what the reality of the situation is, neutrally and without emotion or judgment. Are there any pros? If so, what are they? And the cons? Are they as bad as they feel, or are they just weighed down by the emotion we’ve attached to them?

Then, we can look at our role. What things do we have control over? Of those items, what are our desired outcomes? Based on that, what might be some actions we can take? Of those choices, which are worth investing our time?

Finally, we can get to work. Taking ACTION is one of the best ways I know to get out of a funk. Especially when you feel depleted, taking action is a built-in pick-me-up that can shift your perspective. So once you’ve assessed the situation and looked at your role in it, it’s time to get moving!

I know the last thing we often want to do when we’re feeling depleted is to do ANYTHING…but often, that is EXACTLY what is needed. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances in your life, see how examining your reality, your role, and your action plan can propel you forward into a much happier and productive space.

I’d love to hear what things YOU do to energize when you’re feeling depleted, so email me at, and let’s chat!

How do YOU find ways to refresh and recharge?

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