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What works for you?

I have never been into manicures. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had them, and at one point I was quite the fan of acrylic nails, but at the end of the day, a manicure? It never really did much for me! In fact, it often left me feeling frustrated, as I’d see the chips or other imperfections almost immediately and wonder why I’d wasted my money!

But you know what? There was still something about the IDEA of a manicure that appealed to me…because it represented a type of self-care that showed I prioritized myself and having “me time.” In hindsight? It WAS a waste of not just money but also time…as it NEVER gave me the satisfied feeling that it gave so many others!

And now that I can see more clearly, I realize that there is NOTHING wrong with manicures; many people swear by them! They just aren’t what effective self-care looks like FOR ME! And the things that DO? They’re not things that most people I know would choose….or likely even think of! And guess what? THAT’S OKAY! Because at the end of the day, self-care is NOT a competition, nor SHOULD it look the same for everyone. And now that I get that? I’m SO much better off!

While there are a lot of popular self-care concepts and lists out in the world, I truly believe that the best, most-effective approach to self-care is what works FOR YOU. As no two people are the same, neither are the things that feed them, which is why it makes no sense to simply latch on to the latest trend or someone else’s tried-and-true method for feeling whole.

So what IS the best way to determine your own self-care need?


What does my body need today?

What does my mind need today?

What does my heart need today?

What does my spirit need today?

If you can answer these questions for yourself, then you can create a road map for what YOUR self-care might look like😊

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