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Who is Part of Your Legacy?

Who we allow into our inner circles plays a big role in the legacy we create in the world. In my journey as a business owner, I’ve connected with a LOT of people. The funny thing is, when I first started my business, I had NO idea how many people would cross my path…or how many people I would seek out to help me as I worked to grow my business and build a legacy that allows me to support women in changing their lives for the better! I have worked with coaches, mentors, and experts on things like business strategy, how to best leverage my time, what steps I need to take now to create the future I want, and how to prioritize the many tasks that come with owning a business. I have connected with other business owners in both professional and personal contexts. I have sought the expertise of others in the areas of marketing, graphics, and day-to-day administrative support. There have been SO many people who have been part of my journey, and I imagine there will be many more!

But sometimes on our journey through life, we find ourselves at a crossroads when it comes to our relationships. Maybe it’s someone you’ve known for many years who no longer resonates with you. Maybe it’s a relationship that no longer reflects your values. Maybe it’s a connection that you’ve realized fails to support the goals you have for yourself and your life or your vision for who you want to be. Regardless of the circumstance or how embedded in our lives these relationships maybe, part of growth is taking the time to examine who you are spending your time with and asking yourself this question: How is this relationship serving me? And OF COURSE, relationships aren’t all about what we get…but if you find yourself recognizing that you are not experiencing anything positive in or from a relationship, I’d suggest that’s a good indicator that it’s time to explore what needs to change…or whether it’s a relationship worth keeping.

So when you think about the legacy you want to create in the world and the people you have by your side to do so, who might you need to let go of? And who might you need to bring in to support you instead? Is it a mentor who can show you the ropes? Is it an accountability buddy to help keep you on track? Is it a coach who can help you discover how to create the aligned life you want for yourself? Is it a business buddy to share your celebrations and your struggles? I’d love to hear who is missing from your team and how I might help you find them!

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