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Addressing Lack of Results

Have you ever had a moment where you realize that despite your best efforts you're just not seeing the results you want? Or maybe you realize that the problem is actually YOU, as you’re not taking the action needed to get where you want to go. Let me tell you…I’ve been there, in both spots, and neither is a great place to be!

The good news?

There IS something you can do about it! Even better? It’s not complicated or difficult to do!

First, if you’re not showing up to take action, you need to revisit your why. Does this goal REALLY resonate with you? Is it aligned to YOUR values and the big-picture vision you have for your life? If so, remind yourself WHY and HOW it matters. If not, then it’s time to revisit your goals, focusing on what you truly WANT, not what you think you should do.

Second, any time an action plan isn’t working, ask yourself “Am I focusing on the right things?” Maybe you THINK you’re on the right track because you are making a consistent effort daily to move forward…but if that effort is wasted on the wrong things, you may as well not be doing anything at all! So what ARE the “right things?” They are the tasks that will not only provide a direct pathway to the goal you are working toward…but also do it in the fastest, easiest, and most sustainable way!

Next, consider your resources. What is missing that could help you move forward with greater purpose and consistency? Are there supports that you need that aren’t in place? If so, how will you go about locating and/or acquiring them? What research do you need to do before moving forward? Who do you already have in your circle of connections that you can leverage? Who else might you seek out to support you?

Finally, check in with your mindset. Are there things you are telling yourself, either consciously or unconsciously, that are sabotaging your efforts? If so, identify what those thoughts are, as well as the ways in which they aren’t serving you. Then consider what you might want to think instead. What thoughts will help you to take consistent action? Which ones will support you most on your path to your goals? What “baby step” thoughts can you incorporate today to help you start shifting your thinking in the direction you want? How will you incorporate mindset support into each day?

Curious about what any of these steps look like for you? Reply back, and let’s chat!

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