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Daily Habits

Whether we realize it or not, our daily habits can have an enormous impact on who we are. So why not start cultivating habits that help to propel us forward into who we want to be and what we want to achieve? Mind you, I’m not talking about filling your day with a list of “shoulds” that really don’t excite you; I’m talking about finding things that help ignite your inner spark and that support your efforts to cultivate the life you want. Not sure what those are? Here are a few ideas to help get you started on your journey to figuring out what works for YOU…

Journaling is something I do every morning, and it has enhanced my morning routine greatly. I was introduced to the idea of “5 minute journaling” earlier this year, and it really resonated with me. In literally 5 minutes (I set a timer!) a day, you can see an impact. And the great thing about journaling is that there is SO much flexibility in what you choose to focus on. Personally, I like to focus on a set prompt for my 5 minutes, then I do a few other writing tasks as well. For you, ready-to-go journal prompts might help as well. Or, you might want to use that 5 minutes to set your intentions for the day, write about your goals, list things you’re grateful for, etc. Again, make this about YOU and what you need and want to get out of it.

Meditation is growing increasingly popular, but it can also be intimidating, especially if it is new to you. When I first decided to meditate, I sought advice from a friend/expert, and she recommended I start just by focusing on my breathing. For me, that was effective to a point, but I have since explored other options as well. Mediation apps, walking meditation, chanting, breathing, etc. are ALL viable options. The key is finding what works best for YOU and letting go of anything that doesn't resonate with you, no matter how much others say it's great.

Prayer/Worship may be a consideration if you are a person of faith. For me, prayer has always been an interesting one, as I am a person of faith but tend to struggle with keeping my mind focused while praying. What I have found helpful has been the use of a prayer app, a scripture/prayer journal (which keeps my mind focused through writing rather than allowing it to wander), and a televised worship service that energizes me and helps me connect scripture to real life (shout-out to Bishop T. D. Jakes!) I find that spiritual connection helps to ground me, whether it’s done in a church, my house, or even in the woods. Whether you subscribe to a particular faith or look to nature, the universe, etc., I encourage you to seek out options that help to ground YOU.

Reading is something I enjoyed as a child but that increasingly felt like a luxury once I became an adult. Incorporating reading into my daily routine, whether it be reading for pleasure or for personal growth, feels like both a necessity as well as a special treat! It can also help to de-stress and de-clutter my mind as well as support my personal and professional growth needs. What things help YOU clear your mind and focus your attention in the ways you want it focused?

Movement can take on a variety of forms…walking the dog, stretching, going to the gym, yoga, a home workout, etc. Whatever that may look like for YOU, recognize that moving your body is a great way to get your blood flowing. It can also be an amazing stress reducer. But remember, don’t focus on what you feel you “should” be doing; focus instead on what resonates with YOU.

Time outdoors is one of my happy places. Nothing fills my bucket like being outside getting sunshine and fresh air with my doggies! And while I am not a fan of cold weather, I know that even a small amount of time in nature feeds my soul, so I prioritize my daily dog walks as much as I can. Is spending some time outside something that might resonate with YOU?

This list is certainly not an exhaustive one, but hopefully it has provided some ideas to consider for those who are struggling to find daily habits that nurture and support you.

I’d love to hear YOUR ideas for what helps YOU to ground yourself and get focused on what will move you forward toward the life you desire. Let’s help each other cultivate the daily habits that will best serve us; share your ideas in the comments below!

Is being outdoors one of YOUR happy places?

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