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Defining Your Why

Have you ever felt like you were doing all the “right” things but not really getting anywhere?

You're working hard and using up a ton of energy but feeling ZERO reward?

EVERY time I experience these feelings of trying and failing, not feeling effective in my efforts, or feeling depleted and defeated by zapped energy, it’s because I’M FOCUSED ON WHAT I’M DOING INSTEAD OF WHY I’M DOING IT!

If you’re anything like me, you too may be getting stuck in the WHAT of your daily life…WHAT is on the calendar, WHAT you have to check off the to-do list, WHAT others need from you.

But what if you focused on the WHY instead? WHY have I scheduled this event? WHY is this item important for me to take care of today? WHY is it important for me to help this person?

By focusing on WHY, we do 2 things:

1. We determine the purpose for the things on which we are choosing to spend our time. Often this opens up space and possibility as we learn to “weed out” the things that don’t truly serve our needs and deepest desires.

2. We connect to the importance of our daily choices. This in turn empowers us and enables us to connect to our energy in a new, less draining way as we go about completing the different tasks we choose to take on.

So today, I encourage you to stop focusing so much on what you need to be doing and instead reconnect to WHY you’re doing it. You might just find that you’ll reconnect with yourself in the process!

Take some time each day to remember WHY you're choosing to do the things you're doing, and see where it takes you!

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