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Determining Your Non-Negotiables

By choosing what our non-negotiables are, we are better able to focus on what it is that matters most to us. In turn, this can help us to stay on track and get more done…and not just anything but the RIGHT things! So then, the big question becomes “How do I decide what my non-negotiables are?”

For me, the answer is rooted in what I value most. Through awareness of what my core values are, I have a deeper sense of the things that feed my soul and that make me feel more like myself. This makes it easy to decide what I will spend time and energy on and what can be excluded. It also helps to remind me of the things that must be present in order for me to perform at my best. Because when I am NOT nurturing my core values, it is super easy to get off track, find myself stuck, or just not feel like anything I’m doing is resonating with me.

For example, a couple of years ago I found myself STRUGGLING. Despite everything I know about mindset, I just couldn’t seem to get out of the funk I was in, and I couldn’t figure out why. After bringing it up in a coaching session with my then-coach, I was able to dig a bit deeper into what was going on.

The problem? I was not doing ANY of the things that I know light me up! As soon as I recognized that fact and took action to change it, I could see a difference. It felt like magic…except it isn’t. It’s a strategic approach to helping ensure your experience of life is aligned to the life you want to create for yourself and live out day-to-day. And when I make the things that reflect my core values non-negotiable parts of my daily life? I feel energized, excited, and like I’m exactly where I should be doing exactly the things I should be doing. As you can imagine, that is a powerful feeling!

If you have ever explored your core values, I encourage you to periodically check-in (especially when you’re struggling with something!) to see if you are living in alignment with them. And if you’ve not yet identified what your core values might be? Let me know and I can share a free resource to help you!

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