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Get Clear, Get Consistent, Get Moving!

In many ways, I have ALWAYS been a person of action…but what I’ve sometimes struggled with is CONSISTENCY in the actions I take. Even though I know that the generally accepted wisdom is that consistent action is what gets results (consistent practice leads athletes to championships, consistent marketing efforts increase business visibility, consistently doing homework leads to better grades….the list goes on and on!), it can be easy for me to get sidetracked, fall prey to exhaustion, or make excuses for why I can’t do something.

But I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) that when I DO show up consistently and fully, I see results! One example of this is the creation of my Facebook community. When I abruptly decided to start the group, part of me was worried that nobody would join, and I nervously kept checking its growth in the first few days (okay, weeks!) 2 months in, my group is already a collection of unique and wonderful women and it continues to grow each week. In fact, several members have invited their friends to join, which shows they are getting value. And why is that? Because I SHOW UP. Every day, I post content to the group and engage with its members. Even when I’m tired. Even when I’m stressed. Even when I’m having a super-introverted day. Because I KNOW that my presence and consistency is what has created the results I’m seeing, and I want those to continue. In order to grow my community even more, I need to continue to show up and be present. It’s that simple.

Or is it?!

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating but aren’t sure why? You think “maybe it’s fear,” yet you don’t feel scared? You think “there must be a reason,” but you have no idea what it is? I think for me, this unexplainable inaction can be a result of indecision. Because I want to think things through…because I want to make the RIGHT choice…because I don’t want to “mess up”…so I DO NOTHING.

Even reading that I feel SO silly, because CLEARLY doing nothing isn’t going to help me grow myself or my business…yet there I sit not taking action. That is, until I stop and think about it. And I realize that ANY action (within reason) is better than NO action. Because taking action will propel me forward and jump-start my motivation. And even if I take the WRONG action, I can always course correct along the way…perhaps even using the newfound wisdom I’ve gotten through any missteps I’ve made!

So when you find yourself wanting to let fear of a bad choice lead to indecision, remember that options are just that…ONE path out of many. You may not choose right every time…in fact, we usually don’t. But making decisions and moving forward is KEY if you ever hope to get to where you want to go!

So I challenge you to think about your own life. Is there an area where you are not taking action? Or perhaps you’re taking action but could be doing so in a more focused, committed way or with greater consistency? Or maybe you’re not sure what action to take and need support, in which case, perhaps I can help! Take an opportunity today to reflect on where you need to go with your next steps, what you want that to look like, and what you need to move forward. And if you think support might be what you need, let’s connect!

The key to getting ANYTHING done is to get moving!

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