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It's Not Too Late, Stand Tall!!!

Can you believe we’re almost 10% done with 2021? Crazy, right?!

By now, some of you may be feeling super-accomplished and excited by all you have achieved. Meanwhile, others may be struggling with a loss of momentum, not seeing the progress you want or at the rate, you had hoped or perhaps did a few weeks ago. The thing is, I guarantee EVERY one of you has been successful in some way---whether it be in achieving or making progress on a goal…or learning lessons and skills from what you perceive as “failures” that will propel you forward.

The fact is, we need to view our definitions of what constitutes success with a critical lens. We need to broaden the criteria we use. We need to celebrate ALL victories, both the big wins AS WELL AS the small moments. We also need to learn to see the victory that exists even in what we traditionally view as defeat. So as we start this new week, tell me this: How are YOU defining success for yourself?

Many of us are taught from an early age what it means to be successful: a certain skill, a certain level of academic success, a certain kind of appearance, a certain job, a certain relationship, a certain amount of money... the list goes on and on. The thing is, just because we were TAUGHT these things doesn’t make them true!

You see, we get to CHOOSE what success looks like in our own lives!

The question is…HOW do we do that?! Well, here are a few steps you can take to help you get started:

  1. Think about the people you admire most. These can be friends, family members, creatives, public figures, or anyone you think of as a person worth knowing or emulating.

  2. Ask yourself what it is about this person that you admire. Is it their job, relationship, or income…or is it how they show up in the world, how they treat others, the contributions they make, etc.?

  3. Next, consider how these measures of success might show up in YOUR life. What would that look like? How does this shift your definition of what success can look like FOR YOU?

How might this new perspective change how you show up in the world?

It's all in your hands. Rise up, define who you are, and stand on your own terms.

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