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Navigating & Sustaining Change

Humans tend to be wired for comfort. What this means for those of us looking to grow, achieve new goals, etc. is that we are often fighting AGAINST our nature in order to do so…because at its core, change is NOT comfortable. In fact, most people are SO resistant to change that they would rather stay in a situation where they are unhappy than to take a chance on change…EVEN IF the change is likely to be overwhelmingly positive! Seems crazy, right?!

So why does this matter? Because often when we are trying to create change or sustain changes we have been working toward, we experience discomfort. The thing is, THIS IS PART OF THE PROCESS. But if we don’t recognize that and instead spend our time resisting those feelings or even worse taking them as a sign that something is wrong, we will NEVER keep going toward what we want…which is exactly why so many people don’t see the changes they want in their lives!

Instead, what if we simply ACCEPT that change is part of the equation? What if we ANTICIPATE negative feelings? What if we get comfortable acknowledging that our fears, doubts, and uncertainties are COMPLETELY NORMAL and are SUPPOSED TO be happening? What if we made space for those negative feelings to coexist with our goals so that they weren’t always COMPETING with them?

So you see, even when we are pursuing changes we really want, it’s not always easy to navigate. That’s why we need to commit to taking the steps necessary to be successful. But it’s not as simple as “Choose goal, create plan, execute.” Yes, those three things are CRITICAL elements of success, but they’re not the ONLY things to consider. During the planning process, it’s important to several things:

First, break down the plan into small, concise steps. This will help you know exactly what you need to do…AND create momentum to actually make it happen!

Second, consider the resources you need to be successful. Do you have them? Great! Do you need them? Go get them!

Finally, don’t forget to anticipate possible obstacles and have a plan of action should they arise. This helps you avoid getting stuck should those obstacles appear.

Not sure how to do this? I can help😊

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