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Planning for the year ahead

If you’re one of the people who like to start the new year off strong toward a new goal, I imagine you’ve already decided what goals you’ll be working on as we start the new year and likely have your action plan at least started if not fully fleshed out! One thing I’m curious about is the RESOURCES you have identified to help support you along the way. What people will you need? Experts, mentors, accountability buddies, coaches, etc.? What physical resources are at the top of your list? Have you thought about how you will incorporate time as a resource?

And it’s important to remember that most of the time, the right supports don’t just magically show up at the right time. In fact, too often I think we give up on the things we want because we lack the supports we need…often before we even realize that’s what’s happening or take the time to explore what’s available to us or what supports can easily be acquired. So we give up on a health goal without realizing that action planning with a professional might help us achieve better results. Or maybe we give up on going for the promotion or starting the business because we fear we lack knowledge…not realizing how easily we can find the resources we need to learn! Or maybe we decide not to pursue that passion project because we simply can’t find the time…not understanding that a coach can help us connect to our core values and find ways to prioritize what matter, and eliminate what’s getting in the way. This year, before giving up on the things you want, can you commit to asking yourself “if I had the supports I needed, would I still be choosing to give this up?” And of course, the answer is no? Let’s chat and see about getting you back on track!

One of my goals for next year is to provide a lot more “special events” for my community…challenges, masterclasses, free trainings, etc. And while I’m SUPER excited for this, I know that in order to let folks know what’s happening when, get them signed up, etc., I will need a lot of tech support (as technology is not my wheelhouse!). So one of the resources I will continue to utilize is that of a virtual assistant who can handle the behind-the-scenes magic so I can focus on what I do best, which is coaching and educating! And because there are lots of cool new ways to connect in the virtual space and also decisions I’ll need to make around how to do all the things I want to do without going WAY overboard and burning myself out, I will also leverage some content experts (business strategists, social media marketers, coaches, etc.) to support my learning and growth!

What is a top priority for you as we enter the new year, and what resources have you found/are you seeking to help make it happen?

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