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Many of us are great at identifying our areas of growth but FAR less likely to easily identify and share our strengths.

I talk often about the fact that resilience is my superpower. You see, over time I have discovered that my ability to navigate and overcome any situation that life throws at me is at the core of my ability to succeed. Because of this strength and my ability to apply it to anything in my life, no matter how bad things might seem, I KNOW that there is a path forward.

But for years, that wasn’t clear to me. When I was in challenging situations, I focused on the challenges INSTEAD of focusing on my ability to overcome them. Because I wasn’t aware of how I might leverage my strengths to my own benefit, I often got stuck in the problem rather than seeking a solution. As you can imagine, that was not the best approach! Now that I have a better sense of what my individual strengths are and how they serve and support me? My default in a challenging situation has shifted to applying those strengths and the strategies associated with them to help me move forward. Focusing on my strengths has allowed me to have a greater level of trust in my ability to navigate ANY situation.

Unfortunately, many of us never learned how to identify and celebrate the things we’re good at, instead focusing on the things we want to change, improve, or enhance in our lives. If this sounds like you, I want to challenge you to do something this week. Spend some time writing out a list of your strengths. Use these questions to help you brainstorm your list: What are the things I am passionate about? Where in my life have I been successful? What qualities have contributed to my success? What might those closest to me identify as my strengths? What are 5 things I feel I’m good at? If you get stuck? Ask a few friends for help!

Not sure what this looks like? Send me a message; I’d be happy to help😊

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