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Time waits for no one!

The number one need I hear consistently from women is MORE TIME. If they only had more time, they could get it all done. If only they had more time they wouldn’t feel so flustered. If only they had more time, they could finally do the things they want to do for themselves. Sound familiar? Managing our time and taking control over our schedules can be one of THE most powerful things we can do for ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us fail to do so because we are too married to the idea that we have to do things fully and perfectly in order to do them right.

I had a client who came to me with a REALLY full plate. Between working full time and having numerous family and community responsibilities, I’m surprised she could even make time for our coaching calls! And while on the outside it seemed like she was CRUSHING IT at balancing all the things, the inside was a different story. It became clear almost immediately that she was exhausted by trying to do it all, struggling with keeping all the plates in the air, and yet simultaneously feeling like she wasn’t doing enough. And worst of all? She wasn’t experiencing the happiness she could be with so much weighing on her! It was a difficult spot to be in...and one that is all too common among women. As we worked together, I saw her begin to create boundaries around her available she had to be to her colleagues, how much she had to take on in her community, and even how she showed up with her family. And the best part? By releasing the idea that she had to be constantly busy and learning how to prioritize the right things FOR HER, she was able to find the time needed to enjoy her life!

For someone like me who has often defined myself by my accomplishments, doing less can be SUPER hard! I have a history of putting so much on my plate that it becomes too much, not because I can’t get a lot accomplished but because I’ve realized that anything that stresses me out to the point of frenzy is too much! But what I’ve discovered is that when I’m willing to slow down and commit to doing less, I am forced to focus on the things that matter most. And THAT has been a game-changer!

Because in reality, our ability to maximize our time by using small chunks to make PROGRESS rather than focusing on perfect completion can be a just the thing we need to ACTUALLY find the time we need.

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