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Vision for Life & Tribe (decision-making)

Have you ever had that moment where you look back on a decision you’ve made and wish you’d done things differently? I have! And you know what? I think most of us have been there…which is why we work so hard to make the “right” choices. The thing is, we can NEVER know what the “right” choice is in advance…and even the “right” choice at the moment may not be what’s “right” for us down the road. So what if instead of focusing on trying to predict the future we focused on what resonates with us and what feels right for us in this moment?

One thing I see often is women who struggle with decision-making. And we’ve just established that one of the reasons we struggle with decision-making is that we are worried that we will make the wrong ones. And honestly? We might! But there ARE things we can do to help minimize the chance of that happening. So the next time you’re asking yourself what the right decision is, reflect on these questions to help:

  1. Does this decision honor my core values? (Not sure what those are? I have an exercise that can help you figure it out; just let me know if you need it!)

  2. How will this decision support my vision for myself and the life I want to lead?

By focusing on ALIGNMENT rather than “being right,” you will have a much better chance at making decisions you are happy with.

I am known for my ability to make decisions quickly and easily. And part of the reason I’m able to do that is because I trust in my ability to navigate whatever happens. You see, our fear about making the “wrong” choice is really less about the choice itself and more about our ability to navigate it. So instead of putting so much pressure on the decisions we make, a much better approach might be to focus instead on trusting ourselves…and cultivating the confidence needed to do so! Need help? I’m just a message away…

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