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Visualizing Success

How often have you imagined the worst case scenario only to have it happen? Maybe you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing in an important meeting and find you stumbling over your words. Maybe you’re afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of the guy you like and end up tripping over your own feet on your way to the restroom in front of him and 15 other people. Or maybe there’s an opportunity you REALLY want, and you tell yourself it’s not going to happen…and then it doesn’t.

What if instead you envisioned the outcomes you TRULY wanted? What if you pictured yourself sitting confidently in that meeting and articulating perfectly exactly what you wanted to say? What if you saw yourself showing up as your authentic self and completely charming that guy you like? What if you imagined what it would feel like when that opportunity DID arrive and you accepted it happily, graciously, and without fear?

I have always loved the idea of visualization. From the moment I first heard of it, it just felt like such an easy, perfect way to create the life you want. And so many people sing its praises and tout its benefits. But you know what? It can also be tough! The first time I tried to do a “formal” visualization activity, it was an EPIC failure. I share this because maybe it works great for you, and that’s wonderful. But if it doesn’t, I want you to know THAT’S OKAY!

Because the first time I tried visualization? It was awful. Even worse, I felt like a failure because I couldn’t even visualize correctly. But you know what? I didn’t let that stop me! And a short time later, I completed a visualization that was not only effortless but brought me a MAJOR “Aha” moment!

So if you’re not sure that visualization is for you, that’s okay. If you’ve been unsuccessful with visualization in the past, that’s okay too. But I encourage you to keep an open mind to the process and explore it when it feels right. You never know when something might click for you and what you might discover!

Instead of focusing on fears and insecurities, start seeing your life as you WANT it to be!

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